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Unearth These Top Real Estate Secrets, Space Simply

1. Don't Buy if You Can’t Commit.
If you can’t see yourself staying in one location for a few years, it’s time to reconsider buying a home. Buying and selling real estate quickly isn’t cheap, and will probably devour any profits your property has built up. Perhaps renting will better suit your lifestyle, at least for now.

COVID-19: Government Further Enhances Financial Support Programs

Please note: the federal government is constantly updating their website as new information is announced. Remember to check Canada’s official coronavirus webpage and CREA’s COVID-19 online hub to stay up to date.

Posthaste: Canadians could see record low interest rates until 2022

Stuff you need to know:

A new survey of 15 economists from Canadian banks, financial institutions and academia suggest that 0.25% interest rate could be around for more than a year, maybe two.Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

Good Morning!

What is the Future of Canadian Real Estate?

It seems difficult to forecast the future of the Canadian real estate market during this time. Many of us have questions about when social distancing measures will be loosened, and life will return to normal.

COVID-19: 7 steps to sustain your business through the disruption

You can follow these steps to rapidly forecast your cash flow:-

The COVID-19 pandemic is having widespread effects on businesses across the country. By mid-March, 73% of companies were already feeling the negative effect of the crisis, according to a BDC survey of over 600 Canadian entrepreneurs.

In times of crisis, cash becomes even more important than it usually is for a company.

Businesses can learn from the global spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 is teaching us that no matter how prepared we think we are, it might not be business as usual.

Businesses remain exposed and vulnerable. As a result, you can assess the resilience of your businesses and be better prepared for any disruptions to deal with the global spread of the coronavirus.

You could be faced with finding alternatives in your supply chain, updating emergency or continuity plans, and making employees aware of what’s needed if the situation is no longer considered normal.

What to Expect During Your Condo’s Interim Occupancy Phase and Final Closing

According to Urbanation's Q1 - 2020 report, there are approximately 29,500 units scheduled for completion this year. The condominium data research firm also indicates that this number is double the amount of completions met in 2018, and will far surpass the previous high set in 2014 at 21,000 units. So, it is likely that if you are reading this, you are among the number of buyers who will be experiencing interim occupancy and potentially final closing this year.

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Affect the GTA Housing Market


There is no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put a damper on sales within the GTA housing market. But, before we jump into the specifics, let’s first take a look back at how it all began.

Reopening Ontario after COVID-19

Reopening Ontario after COVID-19

Ontario is planning for the next phase of responding to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak – reopening the province.

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